Apex devs may be working on a feature that would change Heirlooms forever

This is an exciting potential leak.

Apex Legends content creator and dataminer KralRindo is at it again, this time revealing a first look at a potential change coming to Heirloom weapons.

According to their latest datamine, Heirloom weapons will be getting recolor cosmetics. The new update’s files include some recolor textures for Wraith’s Kunai Heirloom, as seen in the image KralRindo posted on Twitter.

The recolor examples given in the image include red, yellow, purple, white, and green, but their implications are much more widespread. The inclusion of recolors for the game’s special weapons could potentially add a lot more value to what are already very expensive cosmetics.

Currently, Heirloom weapons are difficult to procure in-game, whether players pay up for them or not. They’re made available in Collection events, like Seer’s Heirloom currently available in the Spellbound event. Players can get them by purchasing or crafting all possible rewards, with the former sporting a price tag of over $150. Heirloom Shards are also given out eventually after players open a certain amount of Loot Ticks are opened in-game.

It’s unclear when or if these recolors will be added to the game, but if they become a reality, their method of acquisition will likely be a hot discussion topic around the Apex community.

KralRindo also mentioned they are “expecting the new inspect animations for heirlooms and weapons in season 16” because “they added/renamed a lot of inspect animations in the files,” so customization could be getting serious overhauls.

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