Apex datamine may have revealed next legend to get an Heirloom, and not everyone’s happy

It's a sad day for Fuse and Horizon mains.

When it comes to free-to-play games like Apex Legends, bundles, battle passes, exclusive items, and customizations are a way for publishers to make money. And customizations are generally tailored around the most popular characters that sell more cosmetics.

In Apex, Heirlooms are the unique cosmetic melee weapons that also replace the melee punch animation of each legend. To get an Heirloom, you’ll need Heirloom Shards, which can be found in loot crates. According to EA’s Apex Legends FAQ page, they have a one-in-500 drop rate, which makes them very hard to collect.

If you can’t dedicate much time to earning loot crates through progressions, purchasing them can become quite expensive, especially if you’re hoping to obtain Heirloom Shards. So, it can be a hot topic when a new Heirloom is announced.

A recent Apex datamine leak revealed that Ash might be the next legend to receive an Heirloom, and not everyone is happy about this.

The leak, revealed by known Apex dataminer KralRindo on Feb. 20, revealed Ash is set to receive four new ground animations during the next update, including for her crouch, walk, and run, as well as her sprint, jump, and meleeall of which is required if a new Heirloom is being added for any particular legend.

Ash, the Incisive Instigator, is an Assault legend with an Arc Snare and a portal ability called Phase Breach, who was introduced in season 11. She’s known for being a cold and power-hungry perfectionist. At the moment, she actually has one of the lowest pick rates in Apex, which has left many questioning why she would get a new cosmetic.

While it’s exciting to know a new Heirloom may be arriving this season, what players aren’t too happy with is that it wasn’t for one of the older legends, like Fuse or Horizon.

When the leak was submitted to the ApexUncovered subreddit, many of the comments consisted of players wondering when Fuse or Horizon would get their own Heirlooms and why they’re giving Ash an Heirloom when buffs should be a priority.

Even though the Apex leak may have just revealed who is getting the next Heirloom, keep in mind these details aren’t official until they’re confirmed by Respawn directly.

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