Apex data miners find evidence of an electric town takeover coming to Storm Point

Things could be about to shake up on the map.

A new season hit Apex Legends on Feb. 14, bringing a handful of changes to the game, including items, legends, and maps.

While players are busy discovering and getting used to all of the new changes, the developer is already working on the next updates to keep the game fresh.

According to a leak shared by KralRindo on Twitter yesterday, changes are being developed on Storm Point, the map that will likely return later in the season.

These changes would remove Highpoint and Lightning Rod as we know them, both POI located on the northeast corner of the map. What’s unclear is what will replace them.

According to the leak, Highpoint would become “Amp Station” and Lightning Rod would be named “Pylon.” Both terms can refer to Wattson’s abilities and lore, leading to players speculating that the next POIs might be inspired by the legend.

This leak strengthens rumors sparked by content creator Thordan two months ago, saying that Storm Point had yet to receive its legend takeover POI and previous leaks indicated Wattson would receive hers in the Lightning Rod area.

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He said this Wattson location could replicate the process that was designed for Lifeline’s Olympus takeover in season 13.

That said, while “Pylon” is a direct reference to her kit (her Ultimate’s name is Interception Pylon), it’s less obvious for the “Amp Station” codename. Since Wattson uses electricity, it could be a part of her dedicated POI, but it could also be something entirely different.

The response to the leak shared on Twitter was mixed. Some said they were eager to see more lore surrounding Wattson, while others don’t want to see Lightning Rod POI disappear.

More information about the changesif they’re accuratewill almost certainly be shared by the developer in the coming weeks.

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