Apex cinematic shows off ‘ultimate survivalist’ Vantage joining in season 14

"What's the only rule? Survive."

Apex Legends‘ is getting a new character next season, and today’s Stories from the Outlands gave fans a look at the upcoming hunter, Vantage, who will bring her flying sidekick to the Apex Games on Aug. 9.

The “Survive” cinematic introduced fans to Vantage and the icy, inhospitable planet of Págos. Vantage’s hostile environment taught her everything she needed to survive off the barren planet, and these abilities will no doubt come in handy in the Apex Games.

In addition to her deadly aim and scoped weapon (which she carries around in the video and may be a part of her kit), Vantage is also bringing in her winged sidekick, Echo, a bat species endemic to Págos who may help her in the Outlands’ most brutal bloodsport.

The short shows Vantage and a woman (who appears to be her mother) living in Págos. Vantage’s partner says she looked into the remains of an old transport ship called the G.D.S. Vantage but found nothing.

“Never mind the outside world,” she tells Vantage. “Our world is dangerous enough for you, my wild one.”

Vantage finds the remains of the G.D.S. Vantage, which looks like a prisoner ship. She heads into the ruins to explore but triggers the security system. The ship’s AI thinks Vantage is prisoner T-0323, who Vantage recognizes as her mother. The huntress is confused”No, my mom was born here, she told me so”but the defense system attempts to catch her to live out the rest of her mother’s sentence. She narrowly escapes but is badly wounded in the getaway.

Her mother finds Vantage, but seeing her bad shape, places a distress beacon for prisoner T-0323 on the wounded hunter. This sends a signal to Gaea, which appeared in a Twitter teaser for the new legend.

Though Respawn Entertainment hasn’t given fans much official information about Vantage outside of the cinematic, players can expect more details to surface as season 14, Hunted, draws near, including the launch trailer on July 28.

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