Anubis inspires Liquid to reverse sweep reigning Major champions at BLAST World Final

This was first time the map featured in A-tier Counter-Strike.

BLAST Premier World Final started today, and Anubis featured in the first series between Team Liquid and Outsiders.

This was the first time the new map in CS:GO’s competitive map pool was played at an A-tier event after being added in the Nov. 18 update. The map was Outsiders’ pick but Liquid won 16-8 after pulling off a decisive CT side. The series ended 2-1 in Liquid’s favor.

On Anubis, Liquid put on their A-game. Outsiders managed to muster six rounds on the T side, but Liquid dominated with their aggressive and risky site takes, exploiting Outsiders in the middle. EliGE was Liquid’s standout player, securing multi-kills on both the offense and defense, leading to a 21/2/13 KDA.

Anubis looks like a T-sided map on first impressions and currently has a 56.3 T-round win percentage in pro games, according to HLTV. Judging by Liquid and Outsiders’ game, it’s clear the T-sided is favored at this early stage. Entering the B site from numerous angles seemed easy to pull off and the T-side won 13 out of 24 rounds in the match. Holding post-plant situations also looked straightforward.

As a result, Liquid have advanced to Group A’s upper final, where they will face either FaZe Clan or G2 Esports for a spot in playoffs. Outsiders will play the loser of that series for survival. Both matches are scheduled to take place tomorrow.

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