Anubis breaks a historic CS:GO trend 2 weeks after joining the map pool

But will it stay that way?

Anubis, the newest map in CS:GO’s competitive map pool, is already setting a new trend.

It’s the only map since the update on Nov. 18 to have a better win rate on the terrorist side, according to data from So far, the terrorists have a 51.5 percent win rate on the map, while they have win rates below 50 percent on Inferno, Overpass, Mirage, Vertigo, Ancient, and Nuke. The terrorists also have a sub-50 percent win rate on Dust2, which just left the map pool.

CS:GO maps have historically been CT-sided, and there’s hardly been a map in the game’s competitive history to defy that rule. This is mostly the case thanks to positions typically being easier to hold as a CT player. Terrorists, on the other hand, require communication to effectively breach and take sites.

That being said, it’s early days for Anubis. Players are still learning the new map and likely haven’t figured out the best way to play it.

The way that professional teams will play Anubis will say a lot about the new map. So far, the map has been picked just four times, according to HLTV. The first big event featuring Anubis will be BLAST Premier World Final 2022, which begins on Dec. 14. It will also feature the new changes to the AWP and M4A1-S, which were added in the same update.

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