Another worker files labor complaint against Nintendo, contracting firm

The family-friendly gaming company might not be so friendly when it comes to its workers.

It’s becoming more common for labor complaints to be filed as workers begin to fully understand their rights. A number of these complaints in the last few years have risen from a gaming company violating workers’ rights and the ensuing investigation. In that same vein, a labor complaint has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board against Nintendo and a partnering firm.

First reported by Axios, one part of the complaint claims that Nintendo and one of the firms it uses to hire contractors, Aston Carter, established “coercive rules” in the workplace. An employer may not intimidate, threaten, coerce, or otherwise implement rules that interfere with the exercise of any rights the employee has, according to the law (5 U.S. Code § 6385).

The other part of the complaint claims that Nintendo and Aston Carter retaliated or fired someone for engaging in concerted activities. Concerted activities are protected rights like the freedom to talk with co-workers about wages, unions, and other important workplace issues. The complaint says that the two companies somehow impeded or punished workers who engaged in these activities.

This is especially notable because there was another complaint filed against Nintendo just a few months ago in April. An employee was fired after they brought up unionization in a company-wide meeting, according to a report from Kotaku. Nintendo denied that allegation, instead saying that the employee was fired for mishandling private information and hadn’t heard about unionization prior.

While these complaints against Nintendo haven’t been resolved, they’ll be investigated by the NLRB. It could take weeks or months before there is an official announcement.

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