Another one: CS:GO cracks all-time player high for second time this year

Keep 'em coming.

CS:GOs player count has reached a new all-time high, beating the milestone set earlier this year by roughly 20,000 more concurrent players. The Valve-led first-person shooters numbers have been climbing since Nov. 22, according to SteamCharts. The newest peak sits at a pretty 1,354,248 concurrent players within a 24-hour period.

This has been a 10.84 percent increase over Januarys numbers, with the first month of the year also breaking player records.

Following previous years’ trajectories, the numbers will likely plateau or even drop in the coming months. In 2021, and 2022, March typically sees drops in the player base with April and May following suit in a smaller way.

For those of you fearing the drop, dont fret; Feb. 2022 saw 359,085 fewer players than this year and the decline in concurrents usually only decreases by roughly eight percent. 

The stats are looking good for the CS:GO player base as ESL Pro-League Season 17 is underway. Several big-name teams have begun their match-ups with several big-name teams already solidifying their spots in the play-off stage of the tournament. 

The 2023 competitive season is going to be a big year for Valve, and the CS:GO community too. The upcoming BLAST Major is set for its Paris in May, with a $1.25 million prize pool up for grabs. Prepare to see numbers sky-rocket as fans gear up to watch a tournament set in a place almost synonymous with the beginnings of CS:GO.

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