Another European League superstar is reportedly considering a role swap this offseason

The support free agent pool might be getting a bit deeper this offseason.

Fans of competitive League of Legends are likely familiar with professional players swapping their main role during the offseason. There have been a handful of successful examples in the esport’s history, and now, another European mainstay might be making the switch as well.

For the first time in his career, former G2 Esports AD carry Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is “open to exploring options in the support position” when free agency begins, according to a report by esports journalist Brieuc Seeger. The report says teams have received word about the 26-year-old’s intentions this coming offseason following his reported departure from popular LFL organization Karmine Corp.

Rekkles is one of the most iconic League players in history, boasting four LEC championships, four MVP awards, and several All-Pro awards. He was also the first player to reach 2,000 kills in the LEC. Most of his career was spent with Fnatic, until he made the surprising decision to join forces with G2 in 2021.

On paper, most fans and analysts considered G2 to be a surefire contender for the LEC trophy and even believed that roster would be a strong challenger on the international stage. Nine months and zero championships later, it was clear that even though the team was stacked with veteran superstars, their sheer firepower wasn’t enough to overcome their synergy issues.

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Due to his 1.5 million euro buyout, Rekkles was also unable to find an LEC team willing to pay such a high price, and as a result, he left the league to join Karmine Corp in the LFL. It’s an issue that has even cropped up once more with G2’s longtime jungler Jankos, who is currently struggling to find a home for 2023 due to his sky-high buyout price.

Rekkles isn’t the only AD carry to have swapped to support, though. From Team Liquid’s star support CoreJJ to Cloud9’s current support Zven, a handful of marksmen have changed roles to relative success. The situation will highly depend on the team Rekkles lands on, but his game knowledge and mechanical skill should be enough to help his transition into the support role.

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