Annoying Professor X play shows how useful Jeff is in Marvel Snap

If only Jeff was there to save the day.

A variety of strategies can be used in Marvel Snap to win games. One of the most dastardly is board control. We all hate it when Spider-Man locks down a location or Juggernaut knocks our cards away. But this recent Professor X play shows why new card Jeff may be the perfect counter.

Lockdown decks focus on shutting down locations in order for the opponent to potentially be prevented from playing units. Some of the cards that can lock locations include the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, as well as the X-Men member Storm, who floods a location and makes the next turn the last turn anyone can play cards in the location where it is placed. But out of all these lockdown units, the card that makes lockdown decks really dangerous is none other than Professor X.

Professor X is a five-cost, three-Power card. In terms of stats, it is a bit underwhelming at first glance. But his ability to lock down a location makes him one of the most fearsome cards in all of Marvel Snap. Professor X prevents both players from playing, moving, adding, or even removing cards from the locked-down location. You cant do anything, except boost the cards that are already placed there.

Playing one Professor X is already a big move. But four Professor X copies in a single game and played on all the locations is a game-ender. That is something displayed in the match played by Reddit user BeachingCharge. They posted a screen grab of their match where four Professor X copies were placed each player put one on Sinister London which then copied them to Oscorp Tower and a flooded location.

The match resulted in a tie after both players won a location each and tied Sinister London. The point difference from both locations was seven. If only the players had Jeff the Baby Land Shark in their decks then the result could’ve been a different one, since it can sneak into a location despite the lockdown effect of Professor X. Jeff’s ability allows it to be played anywhere, regardless of flooding or Professor X or Spider-Man’s abilities.

So, if you’re facing off against a lot of control decks and losing, try adding Jeff to your deck. Or play Professor X yourself and throw a surprise Jeff down yourself if you haven’t quite won the location yet.

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