Annihilated: Evil Geniuses’ slumping CS:GO team gets embarrassed after ESL Pro League Season 17 elimination

Okay, maybe the blueprint isn't working.

It’s all gone downhill for the Evil Geniuses CS:GO roster since their incredible upset win over number one ranked Heroic at BLAST Premier Spring Groups, having just been eliminated from ESL Pro League season 17 in last place in the midst of an international losing streak.

Their most recent loss came against IHC Esports of Mongolia, and while EG was able to at least claim a single map for the first time in the tournament, their run came to an unceremonious end on one of IHC’s best picks in Nuke. After IHC’s 16-6 win to close out the series, one of Asia’s top teams had a little more salt to pour into the NA wounds.

Following the match, caster Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill spoke to the IHC players and asked Tuvshintugs “Annihilation” Nyamdorj why he didn’t seem that excited about the result, to which he responded: “I’m happy with [the win], although it’s only EG.” The quip got a visible reaction from SPUNJ, who moved on to another player, and audible laughter could be heard in the background.

Criticism and cutting remarks have been piled on the EG CS:GO division following their slump over the past months. Since that stunning win over Heroic to kick off the year, EG has had a disastrous run, losing 10 out of 11 best-of-threes, with the only win coming against Mythic during the NA RMR qualifier, a tournament they ended up losing nevertheless, missing out on the Paris CS:GO Major entirely.

Following that result, EG coach Daniel Vorborg tried to take the blame for the team missing out on the Major altogether. But not even a day later, Liquid star Keith NAF Markovic poured fuel on the fire when he said that his hour-long talk with EG management in early 2022 was so unimpressive that he opted to stick with the Liquid team he was initially set on leaving.

EG will look to right their course at the BLAST Americas Spring Showdown in late March.

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