Annie support makes regrettable return to LCK after 7-year wait

It didn't go as planned.

Annie was picked in a surprising role today in the 2023 LCK Spring Split, as Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee chose the champion in the support position against KT Rolster. It was the first time she was picked for the role in 2,740 days, which is around 7.5 years since her last LCK support appearance.

Annie saw a few quality buffs to her kit in Patch 13.3, which surprisingly made her one of the strongest champions in the game. She now reigns supreme on the Rift in two roles: mid lane and support. Unfortunately for DRX, BeryL wasn’t able to bring success to his team with the surprising pick, as his squad lost the game 2-0 to KT Rolster.

Still, losing the game in which BeryL picked Annie wasn’t his fault, as it was an overall superb performance from KT Rolster that secured them the victory, and the series all in all. Their players simply dominated DRX opponents in both the laning phase and macro, securing themselves a quick and decisive victory.

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Despite BeryL’s loss on Annie today, this pick should be expected to make its way to other top-tier League of Legends competitions across the globe. As of now, Annie boasts the highest win rate among support champions in Platinum+ ranks at 54.78 percent, according to a League stat site, U.GG. She also has the second-highest win rate of 54.35 percent in the mid lane, being beaten only by Singed in that regard.

In the latest update, Annie had her passive, E, and ultimate strengthened. At first, she seemed too overpowered, quickly conquering the Rift win immense win rates. And despite hotfixes that followed, which nerf her a bit, she still remains a strong pick for both support and mid lane players.

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