Annie rockets to monstrous LoL win rate after 13.3 buffs

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Annie was, after almost a full year of mindlessly wandering around Summoners Rift and trying to compete with the Yones and Veigos of League of Legends, finally given some love in Patch 13.3. The buffs, which were only supposed to be quality-of-life changes, skyrocketed her win rate.

According to U.GG, Annies win rate increased by almost 10 percent from Patch 13.1b to Patch 13.3. In other words, Annies win rate has increased from a measly 49.47 percent win rate across all ranks in the solo queue to a win rate number we dont often see in League57.77 percent.

The most important change Annie received is a quality-of-life change to her passive that will now be fully stacked upon starting the game and respawning. Aside from that, the devs buffed Annies shield, Molten Shield, by increasing its AP scaling, reducing its cooldown, and adding a retaliation passive for spells too. As the icing on top of this cake, Tibbers got hefty buffs to his health resistances and movement speed.

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When the League community noticed this monstrous win rate, they unanimously agreed on Leagues subreddit that the champions win rate will normalize in time since only a small number of players are playing Annie and theres no need to worry. Still, the community believes the champion is a bit over the top in the win rate department and could use nerfs next patch.

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