Andrew Tate could get you banned from Apex Legends

Watch your step.

Be careful, Andrew Tate could lead to you getting banned from Apex Legends.

On Apex’s subreddit today, a player complained they were banned for writing Andrew Tate in the chat. They explained their teammates were discussing the controversial figure and being misogynistic to which they responded “andrew tate cringe.” As a result, they received a week-long suspension from the game thanks to “hateful conduct.”

It appears “Andrew Tate” is now a blacklisted term no matter the context. Other players have also complained about being banned for writing Andrew Tate and receiving bans of a similar nature. This has never explicitly been made clear by EA or Respawn Entertainment.

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“Tate in text chat is apparently bannable. There were some other posts like yours,” one person said on Reddit. “‘Andrew tate’ is a blacklisted term,” another added.

Unless you want to risk getting banned from Apex, stay well clear of Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate is a controversial internet personality and former professional kickboxer who made a name for himself in gaming and streaming communities this year. Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, the former CEO of esports organization G2, was removed from his position after he was filmed celebrating with Tate.

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