An unlikely mid lane pick has other League champions trailing in win rates

Remember the first rule of League.

If you’ve played League of Legends for long enough, you’ve probably heard the first rule that all summoners must follow as they load into a game: Never chase Singed. The Mad Chemist has always been a niche pick for top laners with a penchant for running around and taking creep waves behind enemy lines. But over the past five patches, he has become one of the best picks in the mid lane.

Between Patches 12.19 and 12.22, Runeterra’s resident poison expert held the highest win rate of any champion in the game, according to League stats aggregate U.GG. In League’s most recent Patch 12.23, Singed currently has the second-highest win rate at a whopping 55 percent, just behind the equally-as-unorthodox Zac mid pick.

His stats in the top lane are much more tame, but he remains on the high end with a 51.7 percent win rate with over 35,000 games played. Mid lane Singed isn’t nearly as popular but still has over 10,000 games played in each patch where he has sat at the top of the win rate throne.

Singed’s power lies in his supreme roaming capabilities when he locks in Predator as his keystone rune of choice. Since he is playing out of a central point on Summoner’s Rift, he can affect multiple lanes and locations on the map, whether he is helping his jungler secure a neutral objective or ganking one of his side lanes.

Singed players must focus on getting their other teammates ahead so they can snowball the game and win early before the enemy team is able to scale and become stronger. Singed’s late game is lopsidedly bad compared to the impact he has in the earlier stages of a match, but with enough speed and good timing, he can become a menace for opponents to deal with since he can show up at any skirmish with the pop of his Predator boots.

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