An ongoing matchmaking bug may cause Dota 2 players to miss out on last-minute battle pass rewards

Valve giveth, Valve taketh.

Today is the final day of the 2022 Dota 2 battle pass, and ever since its release, players have been busy spending rerolls in Candyworks to finally land an Arcana or a valuable item. As the last day of the pass coincided with a Thursday, players were surprised to see their reroll counter reset for a final time.

Considering players need to win matches to accumulate rerolls, players started piling onto the live servers to snatch a couple of last-minute wins for the Candyworks. This caused the matchmaking system to crumble under pressure and the Confirming Match error resurfaced from its lair.

With thousands of players queuing at the same time, many started to get stuck at “Confirming Match” while the confirmation screen never popped up. Since time was of the essence, fans shared their frustration with the community as wait times exceeded 20 minutes.

Turbo and Diretide matches can be completed in 20 to 25 minutes, so the wait meant that some players could get one less reroll during the final day of the battle pass. While a decent portion of the player base has received superb prizes from the battle pass since September 2022, there were still quite a few fans remaining who weren’t lucky enough to receive an Arcana from the Candyworks.

At time of writing, the 2022 battle pass is nearing its final minutes, and its currently unclear whether Valve has any plans to introduce a midseason pass like Aghanims Labyrinth.

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