An adorable mage and an edgy assassin are League’s new champions for 2023

Living fire and dead shadows.

League of Legends players will welcome Milio, an adorable mage, and Naafiri, the edgy assassin, as the next champions to be unleashed on the Rift by Riot Games this year. After revealing some general information about the next two League champions in 2021, Riot finally disclosed their names and some more info on both their stories today.

From the distant city of Ixtal arrives the new male enchanter champion, Milio. Traveling from his home to Ixtals cardinal arcology, Milio carries the hopes and dreams of his family on his back along with his trusty backpack. Hes proficient in elemental magic, and specifically, he displays an incredible understanding of the fire axiom, using the element to heal rather than damage. 

Image via Riot Games

Milios journey will introduce him to some challenges but also some familiar names for League players, like Nidalee and possibly Qiyana. 

Moving from Ixtal to the nearby region of Shurima, players will welcome an edgier champion, the Darkin Naafiri. After being awakened from her slumber, Naafiri’s instinct is to track down her brothers and sisters. But she will not be alone in her hunt, as Riot hinted at the possibility of Naafiri having more than one body and using her other ones to locate other Darkin, as well as a source of wisdom. 

Image via Riot Games

The new Darkin will be a mid lane assassin made for players who would rather focus on the macro play of the game instead of complex actions. Naafiri and her dagger will most likely prove to be a tough opponent for all players and Darkin alike. 

Although its still uncertain when the two champions will be released, players could expect to see either Milio or Naafiri in a couple of months when the next event is expected to drop. Additionally, Riot announced the return of a fan-favorite skin line and the arrival of a new one, and both themes could easily embrace the new two champions coming to the Rift in 2023.

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