Among Us joins other indie game icons in new fighting game

You can't make this up.

Among Us is going to be part of a fighting gameand no, that is not a meme. Both a Crewmate and Imposter from the popular multiplayer game will join other iconic indie gaming characters as part of Fraymakers

Fraymakers is an indie platform assist fighter that combines elements from plenty of classic franchises and puts them into a new light using a roster of indie game characters as both main fighters and assists. This means you can control one of several fighters and use others to aid you in battle with their unique special abilities. 

The crossover fighter recently launched in early access on Steam, with a lineup of six playable characters available now and a planned launch roster of at least 10 indie representatives in the future. Here are the characters you can currently play as for now, with rollback netcode and plenty of other features already packed in too. 

  • CommanderVideo from BIT.TRIP
  • Welltaro from Downwell
  • Octodad from Octodad
  • Orcane from Rivals of Aether
  • Ultra Fishbunjin from Slap City
  • The Watcher from Slay the Spire

In addition to that lineup, there are 25 assists available. This is where The Crewmate from Among Us joins other indie darlings like Gunman Clive, Fancy Pants Man, and even the Newgrounds Tankman to provide mid-battle support for players. 

There are plans to include 50 assists in the final game, which means you can expect even more surprising indie crossovers to be announced in the future.

The Crewmate allows players to secretly select between using an actual Crewmate or an Imposter to throw off their opponent when inputting their assist. Selecting the Crewmate option will grant nearby players temporarily increased hitstun while the Imposter will stab nearby opponents. 

The reveal actually happened when the game launched in early access on Jan. 18, but with showing on Genesis 9’s main stage during the Super Smash Bros. Melee finals, now even more players have a shot to check out Fraymakers.

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