Among Us appears in Japanese manga Komi Can’t Communicate

It drew mixed reactions from fans.

Video games have often been a part of some collaborations with various media platforms and mediums. And now, InnerSloths deduction game sensation Among Us has officially made its debut in a Japanese manga series known as Komi Cant Communicate.

Manga website Manatoki posted the actual manga pages where some of the characters are dressed as Among Us characters. They are also inside the usual spaceship that serves as the waiting lobby for players in the actual game.

Some fans in the Manatoki comment section expressed mixed reactions toward the debut of Among Us in the manga series that began releasing in 2016. A user mentioned that there were too many characters on the latest release involving the debut of Among Us and some found it awkward.

Komi Cant Communicate began to release chapters in May 2016 under the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday. An eight-episode live-action television drama adaptation was broadcasted from September to November 2021, as well as an anime series adaptation being shown from October to December on Netflix. As of December, the manga series already has over 6 million copies released worldwide.

As for Among Us, InnerSloth released the one-day-only Horse mode earlier this month where players had the chance to play the characters in four-legged form on April 1 in celebration of April Fools’ Day. 

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