Ambition breaks down flashy but useless Lee Sin combo in League

Is it useless if you find a use for it?

The Blind Monk has for years been one of the most skill-demanding and mechanically-intensive League of Legends champions that has a long list of testing combos that separate the true masters of Eastern arts from filled junglers looking for a carry. But not all high-Elo Lee Sins are masterminds of combos, and not all combos are useful.

Recently, former pro Ambition discovered an offbeat video of a Lee Sin combo that he deems useless in day-to-day situations. In this video, we see Lee Sin first using Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike on the enemy, then Dragons Rage, and Flash. Then, the player places a ward to Safe Guard and finishes off the combo with  Resonating Strike, Prowlers Claw, and Tempest.

Theres no doubt this Lee Sin combo looks flashy, difficult to execute, and can get you fired up for fights. But the combo is, in truth, utterly useless in real-time League because its simply, unnecessary.

You can get the same result by pressing far fewer buttons on your keyboard and youll have a greater chance to succeed since there isnt that much room to mess up your combination. Although this combo can be considered the peak of League from the mechanical side, youll be better off saving this combo to show off to your friends instead of using it in a ranked game of yours.

The Korean League server is, on a daily basis, brimming with mechanical outplays, new distinct builds that still havent hit the Western servers, and rule-breaking as players learn the game to such an extent they have become masters. To keep track of these breathtaking plays that are a rare sighting on Western servers, theres a YouTube channel called Today on the Korean Server where we can watch Asian players and find out why are they so much better than us.

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