Almost all WoW players have this one bad habit

We are all guilty of this!

When it comes to World of Warcraft, we all have bad habits that can be improved. No matter if thats a small thing like greeding just one more cast in Mythic+ dungeons before moving to avoid getting hit by a mechanic or being a chronic altoholic, a bad habit is still a bad habit. But all WoW players seemingly have one bad habit they cant get rid of.

According to players on WoWs subreddit yesterday, the single worst habit almost all players have is not reading the quests only to later find themselves in a situation where they have to return to the quest area and gather the remaining sources or flag corpses.

Mine has to be that I do the [kill X] part of the quest before the [gather Z] part every single time, causing me to kill way more mobs than required, one player explained.

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Most players agree we are guilty of doing this and sometimes we just might forget what the quest asks us to do. This is, however, especially inconvenient when a new expansion or patch rolls out on live servers and we spend an unnecessarily long time completing a single quest.

“Accepting quests without reading them and then running off, only to realize the quest was just where I started,” other player admitted.

The main reason why WoW players have this habit is because of daily, weekly, and other repeatable quests that don’t demand your undivided attention and leveling numerous alts as quickly as possible, assuming the quests will be self-explanatory.

Other bad habits that players have include using just one more cast before moving in Mythic+ dungeons, constantly creating new characters and quickly losing interest in them, and, specifically in Dragonflight, dismounting from their Dragonriding drake too soon and falling off cliffs and ledges.

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