All VALORANT teams qualified for VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022

The best of the best collide once more.

The final stop on the road to VCT Champions 2022 is Masters Copenhagen, the second international VALORANT LAN of the year and the last chance for teams to earn pivotal VCT points towards Champions qualification.

Masters Copenhagen will feature 12 teams again, with almost the same regional split as Masters Reykjavik.

  • Three EMEA teams
  • Two North American teams
  • Two APAC teams
  • One Korean team
  • One Japanese team
  • One Brazilian team
  • One Latin American team
  • One more South American team

The 12 teams will collide starting July 10 and compete for as many as 1000 VCT points, guaranteeing the first-place team a ticket to VCT Champions. These 12 teams are looking to go a massive run to close out the year before the entire landscape of competitive VALORANT changes next year with the implementation of the partnered system.

Here are all 12 teams attending Masters Copenhagen.


The first team to secure a Masters Copenhagen spot is a team making their first-ever international VALORANT appearance, Guild. A relatively new organization in the grand scheme of esports, Guild’s VALORANT roster secured its spot in Copenhagen just one week before the organization’s second birthday.

The org first entered VALORANT with an all-Swedish roster but began 2022 with an infusion of international talent, including veteran Koldamenta. They went 4-1 in EMEA Stage Two group play, securing the coveted first seed, and a stunning 2-0 win over former Masters champions M3C locked in the Copenhagen spot for Guild.

More teams will be added after qualification.

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