All unlocked items in Riot Games titles will remain after Game Pass subscription ends

Pay $10, get all of these rewards for life.

During this mornings Xbox and Bethesda Games Conference, Riot Games revealed that many of their titles will be joining Game Pass on both PC and mobile devices. Players in various games will earn rewards that are otherwise difficult to obtain simply for playing the titles through Game Pass.

Joe Hixson, director of corporate communications at Riot Games, revealed that all of the unlocks associated with Game Pass will remain in players accounts even after their Game Pass subscription ends. This makes the $10-per-month subscription for Game Pass incredibly valuable for players of these games, as these unlocks often require months of grinding to obtain.

League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift players with Game Pass will have all champions unlocked for them at the start, while VALORANT players will get all agents unlocked. Teamfight Tactics players will receive select Little Legends for free, and Legends of Runeterra players will get the Foundations set at no cost.

Hixson also detailed that one of the only downsides of ending a Game Pass subscription with one of these games is losing access to the bonus experience gain each game gets with Game Pass. This experience boost will allow players to gain access to champions quicker, complete agent contracts at a more frequent rate, and more. Getting access to this partnership will require players to link their Riot Games account and Game Pass, much like what is currently done for Prime Gaming rewards.

Further information regarding the collaboration between Game Pass and Riot Games is expected to be revealed closer to its launch this winter. 

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