All teams qualified for IEM Rio Major Legends Stage


The next stage of the IEM Rio CS:GO Major is inching closer and closer. The Legends Stage, the second of the event’s gauntlet Swiss format group stages, will pit 16 teams against each other with eight coveted playoff spots on the line.

This stage is assured to feature the absolute best CS:GO teams in the world. Half of the field is comprised of teams that qualified directly for the Legends Stage via excellent performances in their respective RMR qualifiers. The second half is made up of the survivors of the Challengers Stage; eight teams that proved their worth in the first stage in front of a raucous Rio crowd.

Just catching up with the Major now and needing a refresher? Here are all the teams that have reached the Legend Stage of the IEM Rio Major.

All teams qualified for the IEM Rio Major Legends Stage

Here are the teams that directly qualified for the Legends Stage of IEM Rio via the RMR, and what region they represent.

  • FaZe Clan (Europe)
  • NAVI (Europe)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Europe)
  • ENCE (Europe)
  • Sprout (Europe)
  • Heroic (Europe)
  • Team Spirit (Europe)
  • Team Liquid (North America)

Here are the teams that qualified via the Challengers Stage, including their record and who they defeated.

  • MOUZ (3-0)
    • 16-6 Outsiders, 16-10 EG, 2-1 Fnatic (16-8 Vertigo, 9-16 Inferno, 16-9 Ancient)

The remaining Legends Stage teams will be determined by the results of the Challengers Stage matches. Teams will be added when they qualify. The Challengers Stage matches conclude on Thursday, Nov. 3.

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