All teams and organizations that have left VALORANT before 2023 VCT partnership

Gone for now, but hopefully not forever.

The upcoming 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour season is set to be an exciting one, with the scene shifting to a partnership model that will highlight global leagues, continue to grow regional leagues, and provide opportunities for aspiring players.

However, the current system as it’s been described so far is lacking in one area. There’s little that’s been said about what kind of support the tier two scene will get, and there’s no clear and present path for any tier two teams to play their way into the partnered league.

This future, combined with high costs and a small number of notable third-party tournaments to compete in, has led some organizations to consider their future in VALORANT, and some have made the tough decision to bow out of the scene, at least for now.

All teams and organizations that have left VALORANT before 2023 VCT partnership



  • Entered VALORANT scene in September 2020 under the Andbox banner.
  • Rebranded to NYFU in April 2022 after signing new roster.
  • Left VALORANT in July 2022, according to members of starting roster.



  • Entered VALORANT scene in August 2020.
  • Hasn’t “officially” left VALORANT yet but has transferred nearly its entire roster to other organizations.


  • Entered VALORANT scene in April 2021.
  • Left VALORANT in July 2022, per an official announcement from president Michael Maknojia.


  • Entered VALORANT scene in October 2021.
  • Left VALORANT in July 2022 after not making it to the next round of the partnership application process.
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