All Steam Summer Sale clues and riddle answers

It's time to play another Valve (mini) game.

As has become custom by now, Valve released a fun interactive game within Steam to go along with the platform’s major summer sale this year. Alongside finding ridiculously deep discounts on games, players can complete a quest line that involves solving riddles and finding fake games along the way for laughs.

After beginning the quest, a mysterious character known as Clorthax will give players hints and clues as to the fake games he’s planted across Steam. Players must solve the riddle to find out the name of the game in question and find it on the store.

Unfortunately, however, due to server issues and a huge amount of traffic on Steam right now, players are having trouble getting past the first clue. We’ll update this article when the clues and their respective games are available again.

Clue one

Riddle: You’ll find riches in rhythm, and fame in six strings / But beware the tax burden axe mastery brings

Game: Guitar Billionaire

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