All PlayStation Plus time-limited game trials

Here are all the games you can try for free in PS Plus!

It’s not a good feeling when you buy a video game and, in the end, you’re disappointed and dont even finish it. Reasons for this may include experiencing a feeling of the fear of missing out (FOMO), especially with games with such hype before release that may not satisfy you at all.

With Sonys well-known PlayStation Plus subscription service, however, players can first try and test their desired game with the time-limited game trials feature. With this, a game could be played for free for up to two hours maximum, providing fans with a short actual game experience with the title they are potentially looking to add to their wishlist.

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Players can also keep their progress from the trial period up to the moment they decide to purchase the entire game they first tried with the time-limited game trials. This will allow players to feel like they won’t start from scratch if they opt to buy the game they started to play as a trial. 

Here are the current PS Plus games that are included in the time-limited game trials:

PlayStation Studios 

  • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection | Naughty Dog, PS5
  • Horizon Forbidden West | Guerrilla, PS4/PS5

Third-party partners

  • Cyberpunk 2077 | CD Projekt, PS5
  • Farming Simulator 22 | Giants Software GmBH, PS4/PS5 
  • Tiny Tinas Wonderland |  2K Games, PS4/PS5
  • WWE 2K22 | 2K Games, PS4/PS5

Sony is updating all the games available for trial, as well as the games featured in the PS Plus service as a whole. This includes the PS5 and PS4 catalogs, as well as the PS3 titles available for streaming.

This article will be regularly updated with the titles included in Sonys latest rotation of available time-limited game trials. 

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