All League of Legends champions from the Void region

Another champ could be on the way soon, too.

Since launching in 2009, more than 150 champions have been introduced to League of Legends. Theyre separated into five categories corresponding to roles on Summoners Rift, such as top lane, jungle, mid lane, AD carry, and support. But the game also has a big emphasis on lore and has developed stories for every character in Runeterra. 

There are nine regions in the world of Runeterra, each one with unique aesthetics, values, and stories. One of them, the Void, hosts the bad guys of Runeterra. These characters aim to destroy the world. 

As of May 2022, there are eight playable champions in League who come from this region. Weve listed all of them in alphabetical order.

ChoGath – Your souls will feed the Void!

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A perfect expression of the Voids desire to consume all life, ChoGath was born from it. His only goal is to grow stronger while eating enemies and spitting his force against them or to feed the Void. 

KaiSa – My appearance may frighten you, but make no mistakeI am on your side, and we fight to the bitter end.

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Claimed by the Void as a child, KaiSa is the only creature from the Void trying to fight it. But shes slowly losing hope of ever defeating it because humans wont trust her intentions due to her actual form. 

Kassadin – There are few indeed who may tread the paths between worlds.

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Previously a Shuriman guide and adventurer, his village was consumed by the Void. Kassadin vowed vengeance and gathered arcane artifacts to defeat the self-proclaimed prophet Malzahar. 

KhaZix – Kill. Consume. Adapt

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Just like the Void, KhaZix grows and KhaZix adapts. At first, he was a mindless beast, but his intelligence has developed to the point where he now plans his hunts and spreads terror in his victims head. 

KogMaw – Obey Void!

Image via Riot Games

KogMaw is a putrid creature with a caustic, gaping mouth that needs to eat and drool over everything to understand it. KogMaw is not considered inherently evil, but he can be tough to deal with on the Rift. 

Malzahar – We are timeless. We demand sacrifice.

Image via Riot Games

Malzahar is a self-proclaimed prophet who thinks the Void is the path to Runeterras salvation. Hes willing to sacrifice anything for the Void, either by bringing everyone in or releasing the voidling creatures from underneath on anyone who stands in his way. 

RekSai – Ive grown up in the lap of the world. 

Image via Riot Games

Feared by all Shurima inhabitants, RekSai is a merciless Void-spawn apex predator. She tunnels under the ground to hunt her prey. The Void Burrower has an insatiable hunger, so youd better avoid her if you want to live. 

VelKoz – Only by deconstruction is truth revealed.

Image via Riot Games

No one knows if the Eye of The Void was the first Voidborn to emerge in Runeterra, but he sure is the most calculating, cruel beast in Runeterra. VelKoz is more than just a passive observer, however. Hell shred the very fabric of the world if needed. 

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