All LCS 2023 rosters, reported and confirmed

Between rumors of fresh faces and returning veterans, there is a lot to be excited about in the LCS for 2023.

The professional League of Legends offseasons, occurring after the competitions have concluded for the year, are often full of speculation in regard to what players are heading to what teamsweeks before official confirmation. This offseason is no different, particularly within the LCS, where the landscape appears to be changing drastically for the 2023 season.

Over the past few weeks, rumors and reports have circulated regarding the next steps for various faces within the LCS, both old and new, as fans anxiously await teams to announce their rosters. During this period, even names from outside of the LCS have been reported to be stepping onto North American soil to competethe first time for many of them outside of this years World Championship.

Teams have until the start of the 2023 season, which does not yet have a date, to solidify their rosters, many of which are currently awaiting confirmation by Riot Games before they can be announced publicly. But from what has been reported and confirmed thus far, it appears that the upcoming LCS season will be one of the most competitive in the history of the tournament.

Here are all the reported and confirmed roster changes for the 10 LCS teams in the upcoming 2023 season.

All LCS 2023 rosters

C = Confirmed, R = Reported


  • Top: Ibrahim Fudge Allami C
  • Jungle: Robert Blaber Huang C
  • Mid: Dimitri Diplex Ponomarev C
  • ADC: Kim Berserker Min-cheoi C
  • Support: Jesper Zven Svenningsen C

100 Thieves

  • Top: Milan Tenacity Oleksij R
  • Jungle: Can Closer Çelik R (under contract)
  • Mid: Søren Bjergsen Bjerg R
  • ADC: Yiliang Peter Doublelift Peng R
  • Support: Alan Busio Cwalina R

Team Liquid

Evil Geniuses

  • Top: Kim Ssumday Chan-ho C
  • Jungle: Kacper Inspired Słoma C
  • Mid: Joseph Jojopyun Pyun C
  • ADC: Victor FBI Huang C
  • Support: Phillipe Vulcan Laflamme C


  • Top: Jeong Impact Eon-young R
  • Jungle: Mingyi Spica Lu R
  • Mid: Lee VicLa Dae-kwang R
  • ADC: Lee Prince Chae-hwan R
  • Support: Bill Eyla Nguyen R


  • Top: İrfan Berk Armut Tükek R
  • Jungle: Lucas Santorin Tao Kilmer Larsen R
  • Mid: Nicolaj Jensen Jensen R
  • ADC: Trevor Spawn Kerr-Taylor R (under contract)
  • Support: Lee IgNar Dong-geun R


  • Top: Niship Dhokla Doshi C
  • Jungle: Juan Arturo Contractz Garcia C
  • Mid: Cristian Palafox Palafox C
  • ADC: Fatih Luger Güven C
  • Support: Phillipe Poome Lavoie-Giguere C


  • Top: Colin Solo Earnest C
  • Jungle: Lee Bugi Seong-yeop C
  • Mid: Huang Maple Yi-Tang C
  • ADC: Toàn Neo Trần C
  • Support: Jonathan Chime Pomponio C


  • Top: Mohamed Revenge Kaddoura R (under contract)
  • Jungle: Shane Kenneth Kenvi Espinoza R (under contract)
  • Mid: Nicholas Antonio Ablazeolive Abbott C
  • ADC: Edward Tactical Ra R
  • Support: Kadir Fleshy Kemiksiz R

Golden Guardians

  • Top: Eric Licorice Ritchie C
  • Jungle: Kim River Dong-woo C
  • Mid: Kim Gori Tae-woo C
  • ADC: Trevor Stixxay Hayes C
  • Support: Choi Huhi Jae-hyun C
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