All Hogsmeade Demiguise statue locations in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy is packed with treasure chests, collectibles, riddles, and other similar mysteries that are just waiting to be unraveled as you play through this magical game. Although you learn about Moth to a Frame puzzle and the flying keys puzzle, youll learn about the unlocking spellAlohamora and Demiguise statues relatively late.

In fact, youll learn how to unlock level one locks after you complete the first trial, reach level 14, and complete The Caretakers Lunar Lament quest. This quest will not only teach you how to use Alohamora, but it will also give you access to Demiguise statues. These statues are scattered across the world and will be available only during the night.

Heres where you can find the Demiguise statues in Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy.

Why are Demiguise statues important in Hogwarts Legacy

Demiguise statues in Hogwarts Legacy allow you to upgrade your unlocking abilities, meaning your Alohamora spell will be able to unlock more complex locks, like tier two and tier three locks. Once you have enough Demiguise statues, youll need to return to professor Gladwin Moon, turn them in, and the professor will upgrade your Alohamora spell. In simple terms, youll be able to unlock more locks which means more loot and more gear for you.

All Hogsmeade Demiguise statue locations in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogsmeade in total has nine Demiguise statues. Heres the list of seven Demiguise statues and their locations in Hogsmeade we found: 

  1. House northwest to the Three Broomsticks: Once you unlock the lock, head up the stairs and youll find the first Demiguise statue.
  2. Hog’s Head: This Demiguise statue will be on the countertop in the room behind the bartender.
  3. Tomes and Scrolls: The next Demiguise statue will be in the room behind the shopkeeper, on the nightstand next to the bed.
  4. Attic room in the Three Broomsticks: After you enter the Three Broomsticks, climb up to the room at the very top of the building. Unlock the room and inside youll find a Demiguise statue.
  5. House north of J. Pippins Potions: For this, youll need to have level two Alohamora unlocked.
  6. House south north of Brood and Peck: Unlock the house marked on the map above, and youll see a Demiguise statue sitting on the fireplace.
  7. Gladrags Wizard Wear: Another Demiguise statue can be discovered in Gladrags Wizard Gear, on the counter to your right when you enter.
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