All changes to Rell in upcoming LoL mid-scope update

"Nothing gets in, no one gets out."

Ever since Riot Games released Rell in 2020, the lumbering tank support hasn’t seen much love from professional players and solo queue players alike. In League of Legends‘ Patch 13.9, for example, she was one of the least-played champions in her role, sporting an abysmal 1.3 percent pick rate among supports, according to stats site U.GG.

For any fellow metal horse enthusiasts, the good news is on the horizon.

On May 16, Riot developers revealed the mid-scope changes headed for the Iron Maiden, which will be shifting her abilities around to give her easier ways to start fights while giving her plenty of playmaking potential.

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She is also being given some potential in the jungle with extra damage to neutral monsters, which is a great first step into making Rell into a niche pick for any mains looking for a fun new champion. Her mid-scope update release date hasn’t been set just yet, but Riot has been pretty busy creating a fun kit that maintains her identity as a durable front liner who can start skirmishes with ease, all while trying to keep her original vibe alive too.

Rell updated abilities and changes

Passive – Break the Mold

  • All of Rell’s attacks and abilities steal three percent armor and three percent magic resist, up to a maximum of 15 percent each. Armor and magic resist shred can stack up to five times per individual target.
  • Rell keeps all stolen resists for the full duration of the buff, even if the targeted enemy dies.

Q – Shattering Strike

  • Rell thrusts her lance and stuns targets for 0.75 seconds. She also destroys all shields, and deals 250 (+50 percent AP) magic damage. This ability also deals 250 percent damage versus jungle monsters.
  • No longer heals self or allied players.
  • Has 520 unit range in front of Rell, 220 units behind.
  • Cooldown increased from 9-5 seconds to 11-9 per level. Cast time increased by 0.15 seconds.

W – Ferromancy: Crash Down

  • Rell leaps off mount to knock up enemies from 0.75 seconds, while dealing 190 (+60 percent AP) magic damage. She also gains a 130 (+10 percent HP) shield, lasting until she remounts.
  • After leaping, Rell enters armored form and gains 10 percent bonus armor and magic resist, 15/20/25/30/35 percent attack speed, and 75 attack range. She is also slowed by 15 percent.
  • Crash Down’s AP damage reduced from 70-210 (+60 percent AP) to 70-190 (+60 percent AP)
  • Shield decreased from 30-135 (+12 percent max health) to 30-130 (+10 percent max health)
  • Max slide distance decreased from 375 to 320 units.
  • Crash Down knockup radius decreased from 200 to 180 units.
  • Jump range decreased from 500 to 400 units.
  • Knockup duration decreased from one second to 0.75 seconds.

W – Ferromancy: Mount Up

  • Rell mounts up and gains 30 percent decaying movement speed, with her next attack knocking up and throwing an enemy behind her. She also deals 10 (+40 percent AP) magic damage.
  • Mount Up deals 250 percent damage to neutral jungle camps.

E – Full Tilt

  • New passive called Mounted Alacrity, where Rell gains 50 movement speed while mounted, and is reduced in combat.
  • Active effect called Full Tilt, where Rell and a linked ally gain up to 20 percent movement speed over three seconds, doubled to 40 percent when moving towards enemies or linked ally.
  • After one second, Rell’s next attack or Shattering Strike while explode in the targeted area for 40 (+30 percent AP) plus three percent max health magic damage.
  • Full Tilt deals 250 percent damage to neutral jungle camps.
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