All Caij Bounties in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

There's a long list to get through, but it's worth it.

Star Wars fans have seen all sorts of bounty hunters throughout the years, from Jango Fett and Boba Fett to Cad Bane, Din Djarin, and more. Its no surprise, then, that a number of new bounty hunters have been introduced in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and theyre not all friendly. In fact, a bunch of them are up to no good.

After defeating the first pesky bounty hunter, Korej Lim, which will happen while playing through the story, a character named Caij Vanda will approach you and ask you to help her take on more.

If you’re up for the challenge, speak to her in Pyloons Saloon to receive a new target. Each time you complete one, return to her and shell give you another. Youll also receive Bounty Pucks for all your hard work, which can be used to upgrade items.

If youre at a point in your Jedi: Survivor playthrough where youre looking for more things to do, taking on all these bounty hunters is the perfect side hustle. If youre a dedicated completionist, youll need to find and defeat them all in order to finish an achievement and unlock a nifty new blaster in the process.

Itll take you quite a bit of time. Some of the areas they’re located in will only be accessible after you’ve reached a certain point in the story.

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Where to find all Caij Bounties in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Heres a list of all the Caij Bounties in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, along with a description of their locations accompanied by a screenshot on the map. There are 17 in total, some of which are grouped together.

Korej Lim

Korej Lim is the first encounter youll need to do in order to unlock the rest. He can be found in the Devastated Settlement on Koboh. Its tied to a story-based mission and cannot be missed. Korej Lim thrives in the air. I learned that the hard way in my playthrough. So, the key to victory is clipping his wings and keeping him on the ground.

Meyen Corr

Meyen Corr can be found at the Harvest Ridge on Koboh. Its located on the path between Boiling Buff and Untamed Downs. In my experience, it wasn’t too difficult to find. Meyen Corrs weapon of choice is using blasters from long-range, so close the gap as often as you can and focus on dodging rather than blocking.

Masi Finau, Fenn Finau, and Kle-0

Rather than taking on one bounty hunter at a time, Masi Finau, Fenn Finau, and Kle-0 need to be defeated together. You can find them in the Hangar Bay Exterior on Nova Garon. The menacing trio use ranged weapons that can be deflected, which will make the battle a lot easier. I also found that taking on Masi Finau and Fenn Finau first, then focusing on Kle-0 afterward, was the optimal approach.


Mash can be found in the Automated Forge on Shattered Moon, but only when you head into the area without the Droid NPC following you. As its name suggests, this droid likes to mash. Watch out for its powerful melee attacks and focus on landing hits consistently, dodging between.

Gatt Medo

Gatt Medo can be found in a room with a conveyor belt in the lower levels of the Freight Handling Depot on Coruscant. It’s not too far from the Meditation Point. Gatt Medo is guarded by Haxion Brood Commandos and uses a blaster, so be prepared to deflect lasers while closing the gap to land successive strikes.

Corde The Half and PR-85T The Other Half

Corde The Half and PR-85T The Other Half can be found at the top of the cliff in the Halls of Ranvell area on Jedha. As their names suggest, youll need to take them on at the same time. Corde The Half uses ranged attacks, while PR-85T The Other Half is a melee specialist. I found taking on PR-85T first and Corde after to be the best approach, since the ranged attacks hit for less and are easier to dodge.


Yuhong can be found in Anchorite’s Base located within the Path of Restoration area on Jedha. Its a burly droid with some henchmen at its disposal, but shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. A typical hack-and-slash approach works well.


Raz can be found in the upper-level area of the Forest Array on Koboh. Its a durable droid that is quick with its blaster and cannot be staggered, but its vulnerable to deflections. Chip away at it while avoiding its power blast, and eventually, youll be able to topple it with ease.

Selfin Jook

Selfin Jook can be found on a floating platform in the Observatory Understructure on Koboh. As a run-of-the-mill bounty hunter, Selfin Jook relies on blasters, so the strategy is the same.

Kip Ostar

Kip Ostar can be found in a broken tunnel in the Derelict Dam on Koboh. The fight isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Kip Ostar has a blaster and shield, the latter of which is used to run and slam. Dodge that, and it’s a breeze.

Vaslyn Martz

Vaslyn Martz can be found in the Fogged Expanse on Koboh. Defeat all enemies within the area, and she’ll emerge, along with two henchmen. Like most bounty hunters, Vaslyn Martz uses blasters, so the same old song and dance of deflecting, dodging, and striking works wonders.

Killi Oso

Killi Oso can be found in the Sanctuary Temple on Jedha, but only after all 14 previous bounty hunters have been defeated. You’ll also need to speak Caij Vanda in Pyloons Saloon twice to start the mission. Killi Oso is a little stronger than other bounty hunters, but the key to winning the battle remains the same.

Jo the Cannibal

Jo the Cannibal can be found in the Yurt Barracks on Shattered Moon, but only after all 15 previous bounty hunters have been defeated. You’ll also need to speak Caij Vanda in Pyloons Saloon twice to start the mission. Jo the Cannibal is accompanied by two additional enemies, a Magnaguard Droid, and a Bedlam Raider. Take them down first. It’ll make the fight a lot easier.

Caij Vanda

Just when you thought you were done, Caij Vanda will reveal herself to be your final enemy. Interact with her in Pyloons Saloon after defeating Jo the Cannibal, then make your way to the Devastated Settlement where you first met her after defeating Korej Lim. She has two blasters and is very quick, so be prepared to dodge often while trying to stay close.

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After defeating Caij Vanda, youll be rewarded with a fanservice cutscene that might surprise you, along with Caij’s Blaster and the Caij Match Trophy, bringing an end to the long chain of bounty hunter missions. There are plenty of other difficult foes to take on, though.

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