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All Atlas Skew locations in The Confluence in Destiny 2

The hardest part is getting to it.

You’ve been around the Dreaming City looking for Atlas Skews in several of the major locations, and now it’s time to get your prize. The Ager’s Scepter Exotic is locked behind another step of a quest called A Hollow Coronationand to get it, you’ll need to dig around in one of the most elusive areas in the Dreaming City: The Confluence.

The hardest part of this quest stage is getting to and navigating The Confluence, with its several portals and pathways that lead to Harbinger’s Seclude, Garden of Esila, and even the Spine of Keres. Here’s how to get there and find the Atlas Skews.

Getting to the Confluence

Although there are several ways to get to The Confluence, the simplest for A Hollow Coronation is to enter from Garden of Esila in the Strand. Head to The Strand and make a right until you get to the last passage, then head inside to reach the Garden of Esila. From there, jump on the bridge and make a right towards that dome across from the tree. You’ll find a portal in the middle of the gazebo-like structure, and it will take you right to the first Atlas Skew.

Alternatively, you can enter The Confluence from the cathedral in Harbinger’s Seclude. Go all the way to the end of Harbinger’s Seclude, where you find a lone statue on an overlook, then face backward and take the elevator down. This will drop you in the room where you fought the High Celebrant during Season of the Hunt and where the weekly quest ends in weak curse weeks. From there, head to the end and make a right to find a portal.

Screengrabs via Bungie

Garden Entry

If you take the entry portal into the Confluence from Garden of Esila, you’ll find this Atlas Skew waiting for you as soon as you come out on the other side.

Screengrab via Bungie

Confluence Trees

After taking the Garden Entry Atlas Skew, make a right, then another right until you come to a corridor with a large tree in it. Your HUD will show the Atlas Skew right by the tree.

Screengrab via Bungie

Follow the path until you get to a large room with three different entries, each leading to an Atlas Skew.

Screengrab via Bungie

Confluence Throne Entry

From the room with multiple entrances, make a right, and you’ll find the entrance to the Shattered Throne dungeon on strongest Curse weeks. An Atlas Skew sits at the end of the hallway, right by the portal.

Screengrab via Bungie

Confluence Giant Crystal

From the entrance to the Shattered Throne, look across the room to find the giant crystaland another Atlas Skew right by it.

Harbinger Cathedral

After grabbing the rest of the Atlas Skews, go to the remaining door, and you’ll find yourself in a cathedral leading to Harbinger’s Seclude. The last Atlas Skew will be right by a statue. From here, you can take a portal on your left and go to Harbinger’s Seclude or head to the H.E.L.M. for another step in A Hollow Coronation.

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