All 8 people with perfect Pick’Ems picked the same teams to advance to Worlds 2022 final

All or nothing.

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With the semifinals of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship on the horizon, the remaining players in this edition of Pick’Ems have put all their eggs in one basket.

The eight remaining players have picked T1 and Gen.G to advance to the Worlds 2022 final by beating their respective rivals, JD Gaming and DRX. A total of 80 percent of players also picked these teams to win their semifinal matchups.

If JDG or DRX manage to come out on top in their series, there will be no perfect Pick’Ems this year, unless one of the remaining players changes their mind before Saturday. Despite the picks, the series between the LPL champions and LCK’s second seed isn’t as one-sided as it looks.

Before the knockout stage began, 23 players had the perfect Pick’Ems. But 15 of them must’ve slipped up at least once in the quarterfinals, falling short in the race for perfect picks and all ultimate skins in League.

If DRX or JDG win, the eight players should still have enough points to end up in the top 5,000 picks, earning themselves Azir and the Worlds 2022 skin for the champion.

Worlds 2022 continues tomorrow, Oct. 29, with the first best-of-five series between JDG and T1 starting at 4pm CT.

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