ALGS Team Shop returns, portion of proceeds goes to participating ALGS teams

Support your favorite team in and out of the game.

Its a good time to be looking for more cosmetics in Apex Legends. In addition to the Summer Sundown Sale and prize tracker, the ALGS Team Shop is now live in the Featured tab of the Apex Store, featuring bundles of cosmetics in the style of Apex Legends Global Series teams.

While Apex brought a live store to the game prior to the ALGS Championship last year as well, this years ALGS shop features the first cosmetics that players can buy to represent real-life esports organizations.

The bundles contain banner frames for players to represent some of the most popular teams in pro Apex. At the moment, the store features banners for TSM, 100 Thieves, Crazy Raccoon, Cloud9, and NRG. The trailer for the ALGS shop also promises more banners for other teams to come to the game, such as Team Liquid, Alliance, and even a few ALGS teams that didnt qualify for the Championship, like G2, Complexity, and NAVI.

These banners can be bought by themselves or bundled together with weapon and legend skins. The weapon and legend skins are not new, but there are several returning skins that havent shown up much in the games store since their initial release and can be harder to find. Players who originally missed out on skins like Rune Breaker for the HAVOC or Dangerous Game for the R-99 can grab these skins bundled together with ALGS team banners.

The sale of new skins in last years ALGS Championship Sale ultimately brought the $1 million prize pool up to $2.5 million. Whether this years sale can rival last year’s, which featured new legendary skins not tied to teams as opposed to team banners and older skins, remains to be seen.

The ALGS Championship begins on July 7 and runs until July 10. The ALGS Team Shop, however, will be available for the next two weeks, ending on July 19.

Correction July 5 1:47pm CT: A portion of proceeds from sales in the ALGS Team Shop will go to the participating organizations represented in the Team Shop cosmetics. An earlier version of this article said that a portion of the proceeds would go to the event’s total prize pool, which is not the case. We regret this error.

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