ALGS pros show exactly why you should be careful reviving on ledges in Apex

This... probably wasn't what they had in mind.

When it comes to pro Apex Legends and the ALGS, any bit of possible playing ground in the final circles is viable. That includes ledges and cliffs that only offer teams an inch or two of ground to stand on before they fall to their demiseand sometimes, the pros aren’t the best at navigating that terrain, either.

A scrim clip from NA ALGS squad BBB yesterday illustrates that point perfectly, and hilariously.

BBB isn’t some no-name free agent squad. They’re a team loaded with experienced talent, including former C9 pro Zach Mazer and ex-G2 members Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner and Nathan “ChaoticMuch” Gajkiewicz. The team currently sits in the top 10 of the Pro League even though some teams in NA have played two matchdays and they’ve only played one.

None of that matters when you fall off a cliff, though.

In their scrim, the final circles of the Storm Point game pulled to Lightning Rod, the POI known for its giant lightning rod and the steep cliffs that surround almost every side of it. While the final ring pulls out into the open, BBB found a scrap of land to play behind a fence line. The players had to hug as tightly to the fence as possible to stay on the map, but the spot was very safe if they managed to do that.

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Unfortunately for them, Dezignful was downed on the ledge, and as Chaotic went to revive him, Zach realized the fateful error. “You’re going to fall off the map,” Zach yelled at his teammates, somehow both amused and horrified at the same time as both of his teammates tumbled to their doom directly after the revive animation finished.

While revives typically happen in place, there’s a certain amount of space that they need to be completed. The revive that Chaotic tries to pull off here actually takes him and Dezignful off of the ledge and into the open air, where they remain suspended while the animation takes place. As soon as the animation finishes, however, the game simply plops them down right where they are moved by the animationwhich happens to be off the side of the cliff.

The team still secured a high placement in the game, and being a scrim, the result didn’t matter all that much anyway. They’ll still enter the weekend’s ALGS games as one of the teams to beat. But now, they’ll do so after making the rest of the Apex community feel a bit better about their own gameplay.

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