ALGS confirms the Apex Legends tournament series will return for third year

Year 3 is coming, legends.

Apex Legends Global Series fans sad to see the tournament series second year come to an end on Sunday got some great news at the end of the ALGS Championship broadcast: the ALGS is coming back for a third year of competition, as was widely hinted at by several of the games casters, but made official on the broadcast.

Year three is coming, said ALGS caster Raynday on Sunday evening. Apex Legends Global Series is just getting started it is going to get even better next year.

The announcement came after the climactic final game of the ALGS Championship, a nail-biter which saw DarkZero win their second consecutive LAN title.

While theres no details on the format planned for the third year of ALGS, the broadcast did share that that information would be shared soon via Apex Esports social channels.

Despite controversy with COVID policy and player travel issues, its difficult to claim the second year of ALGS was anything but a resounding success. The premier Apex competition in the world successfully introduced regional Pro Leagues, and managed to orchestrate the first international Apex LANs since 2019, culminating in a Championship in front of a live audience. With thousands in attendance and hundreds of thousands watching online, the ALGS crowned DarkZero as the best Apex team in the world, and in the process, secured Apexs status as one of the most exciting esports in the world.

Now, with year three confirmed, fans can look forward to announcements of new formats, new prize pools, and presumably new LAN tournaments they can possibly attend. While COVID may still prove a damper on some plans, the ALGS has proven they can put on a live tournament in multiple countries.

And the future for the Apex tournament series looks bright.

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