ALGS Championship sets new viewership highs on Twitch and across platforms

Strong average viewership and numbers on the official broadcast continue the upward trajectory of ALGS.

While the Apex Legends Global Series competitors were lighting up the stage in Raleigh, North Carolina yesterday, the ALGS was busy setting new standards for itself in terms of viewership. Esports Charts has reported that the grand finals of the event reached a peak of more than 632,000 concurrent viewers.

While that peak doesnt quite match the 676,000 concurrent viewer mark that the Split Two Playoffs hit in May, it does improve on the numbers from that event in a few significant ways. Chief among them is a stronger average viewership across an even longer event, maintaining nearly 290,000 viewers across platforms throughout the event.

The better average viewership coupled with more broadcasting hours meant that the Championship smashed the Split Two Playoffs in terms of total hours watched. The Split Two Playoffs finished with 9.6 million hours watched at the conclusion of the tournament, while the Championship clocked in at 11.2 million hours watched.

Another important milestone for Apex happened on Twitch. The PlayApex channel that was home to the official broadcast breached the 200,000 viewer mark for the first time, hitting a peak of more than 213,000 viewers, according to TwitchTracker.

Apex esports is somewhat unique in that in most online tournaments, the ALGS allows individual players to stream their own games with a delay. Traditionally, thats meant that the audience for Apex events has been spread out across many pro players channels, the main broadcast, and content creators hosting their own watch parties. With many of those individual streams gone due to players being on LAN, the main broadcast itself enjoyed its best viewership numbers ever.

The main broadcast was bolstered by the official B Stream of the event on Jack NiceWigg Martins channel, where the 100 Thieves streamer cast the tournament on location alongside Charlotte Phoenix pro Athanasios “MrGreekGod” Alestas. The stream routinely drew more than 10,000 viewers of its own. There were more successful watch parties as well. Timmy iiTzTimmy An watched with over 50,000 viewers on his channel during the finals, while Dalton Daltoosh Hester saw more than 25,000 viewers in his watch party on the last day of the event.

And, of course, there was the total viewership on the Apex Legends Twitch channel, which took the top spot last night.

With the promise of the third year of ALGS just around the corner, the viewership numbers look good for the future of Apex esports.

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