ALGS broadcast gives 2 beloved Apex casters their shot while popular personality steps away

ALGS will look a little different this split.

Some new faces will grace the screens of viewers who tune into Split Two of the Apex Legends Global Series in the coming weeks, while at least one major part of ALGS broadcasts over the last several years will be missing. 

The new split will see the return of several popular casters and personalities to the ALGS desk, and there will be two new additions. Raphael DiA Ruiz and Ben Zephyr Fossit will both be major parts of Pro League broadcasts moving into the new split.

Both DiA and Zephyr are no strangers to pro Apex. The duo has become known as some of the preeminent casters in the games tier-two scene, frequently casting ALGS Challenger Circuit days, Pro League qualifiers, and other third-party tournaments like Esports Arenas Series E and the Oversight circuit. Both have also had stints moonlighting for Pro League before, sometimes appearing on B streams for different regions.

Both are known for their energy and passion for the game, as well as their lack of fear to make things goofy every once in a while.

With the duo is now a part of the proper ALGS casting setup for Split Two, that does mean that someone needed to make way for them. And perhaps most surprisingly to many ALGS fans, that person is Jon Falloutt Kefaloukos, the ex-Gears of War pro who in many ways had become the face of the ALGS broadcast over the last several years.

Addressing ALGS fans on his Twitter account, Falloutt thanked many for their well-wishes and dismay at seeing him not be a part of the Split Two broadcast team before talking about how he’s taking a break from casting after four years of his presence on ALGS broadcasts.

Falloutt promised to let fans know about future casting plans that are still in flux but said he had other ideas to fill the time while not casting ALGS matches this next split. 

Ive been just an esports Shoutcaster for a very long time, and am passionate about doing more to have a broader impact on Apex and the world, Falloutt noted in his tweet thread. Cant wait to share more plans for that. Falloutt also specifically congratulated both DiA and Zephyr on finally getting their shot in the Pro League, echoing the sentiment that they’ve been two of the hardest-working casters in the business over the last couple of years and that they deserve the chance.

With the broadcast team set for Split Two, all thats left for fans is to wait for this weekend when the ALGS returns on March 10 in South America and March 11 for most other regions.

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