Akshan obliterates Ornn in one-vs-one duel

"It is childish to favor one tool over another, but hammer is my favorite."

When it comes to the top lane in League of Legends, champions are often left to their own accord. Situations like these can go two ways: The players either farm their way out of lane or endlessly spill each other’s blood.

In a clip posted by TwTvMakkro0 on Reddit, it was definitely the latter.

The player, who was on Ornn, was laning against Akshan. With the Rogue Sentinel’s mobility and ability to maintain a gap between him and his opponent, you would imagine he had the advantage in the matchup. But that wasn’t the case.

The clip begins with both players farming minions around the seven-minute mark. The enemy Akshan had built up a bigger wave and it looked like Ornn was about to be pushed underneath his turret. The Rogue Sentinel also had three Long Swords and a Cull in his inventory, so he shouldn’t have any problems when it comes to trading.

The Fire below the Mountain, though, had other ideas.

Ornn fires his Volcanic Rupture (Q) in the enemy minion’s direction, most likely to clean the wave. Luckily for him, the skill lands on Akshan, giving him a green light for launching an all-in attack on the champion.

Volcanic Rupture is immediately followed by Searing Charge (E) and Call of the Forge God (R). The former ability knocks up Akshan, giving Ornn the perfect opportunity to recast his ultimate in his direction, knocking him up for a second time. It makes the Rogue Sentinel Brittle, adding even more damage to the mix.

From there, Akshan’s fate is sealed. TwTvMakkro0 uses his Bellows Breath (W). The opponent tries his best to escape by using Flash, but Ornn is ready to follow with a Flash of his own. Once he closes the gap, Akshan is sent straight to the fountain.

TwTvMakkro0 is known for his prowess on Ornn. He already has 28 games played on the Fire below the Mountain this season, according to op.gg.

This video serves as a worthy lesson to all League players, especially those with a preference for the top lane. Never underestimate Ornnhis CC chain and damage often serve as a quick way to die.

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