Akshan fights dirty with this stupidly strong League bug

Good luck beating that.

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, is a League of Legends marksman destined to live either in the top lane or mid lane with the ability to revive his allies after hunting down the scoundrels who did them wrong. Although a relatively new champion to League, Akshan has already seen 21 bug fixes to fix all unintended interactions. Still, League streamer and content creator, Maks Drututt Przychodzień managed to find one more incredibly powerful bug. 

During a recent stream, Drututt stumbled upon a new Akshan bug that helped him not only to escape with a sliver of HP but also to kill the enemy top laner, Renekton

Accidentally stepping directly into Renektons face, Drututts fate on Akshan seemed doomed. Realizing he had little to no chance to live through Renektons burst, he went all-in and thanks to Akshans lane prowess, almost killed Renekton. To finish him off, Drututt dove Renekton with Heroic Swing. As he clicked on a specific spot, just beside the turret, Akshan began frantically circling around the turret and firing auto-attacks that finished Renekton off. He then escaped with a sliver of HP left laughing at this incredibly strong bug. 

This bug, of course, sent Vandril on a mission again to limit test, replicate, and potentially discover more related bugs. Turns out, this bug was not only replicable but it can be abused in other spots like Baron Nashors pit and inhibitors. That’s bad news for opposing players facing Akshan.

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