AI shares the secret to climbing VALORANT’s ranked ladder

It actually made some great points.

Climbing the ranked ladder in VALORANT is hard and certainly requires a lot of time. Just like with every online game, there are ways to climb in VALORANT fasterso we asked the biggest “VALORANT expert” to find out the secret to doing so.

We asked ChatGPT to give us the most important tip to improve at VALORANT. And while we expected the answer to be short and vague, the AI actually responded with a bunch of feedback. “Prioritize communication and teamwork,” ChatGPT said, while also providing four pivotal points on how to do that and why it is important.

“Information is key,” the first point read, where the AI explained how sharing information about things like enemies’ positions, rotations, and utility usage is key to making the best possible mid-round calls. And as far as our opinion goes, you can’t do much in VALORANT or any other online game without much knowledge.

The second point was “synergy and coordination” and explained how teamwork makes the dream work. With enough information, players can go for “coordinated pushes, crossfires,” and so on, which are often the clutch factor to winning the round. Information and coordination also allow for “adaptation and counter-strategies,” which was the third point ChatGPT listed.

Last but not least, ChatGPT pointed out something that every online game community could work onmental support and morale. The AI underlined how important it is to keep up the good spirit during your gameplay since it boosts morale and can lead to better performances. And with terrifyingly many toxic people in online games, this is likely the most valuable advice on this list.

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The key to success in VALORANT’s ranked ladder is much more than just communication and teamwork, especially since we’re all human and emotions can get in the way. Nevertheless, we’re more than sure these aspects are all important and could certainly help improve anyone’s results a bit.

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