After DFM’s win over LOUD, just 2 League regions still haven’t won a Bo5 at MSI or Worlds

They haven't had the best of luck.

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There are many regions in the League of Legends esports ecosystem, and throughout history, all of them have had highs and lows at the Mid-Season Invitational and the World Championship. But two regions have still yet to win a best-of-five series on the international stage.

On Monday, DetonatioN FocusMe overcame LOUD in an elimination match at Worlds 2022, securing themselves and Japan their first best-of-five win at the tournament. Now just Brazil and Latin America are the only regions left without a best-of-five win at either of the events. This, of course, is excluding the International Wildcard Qualifiers, which were held from 2014 to 2016.

Both regions had their chances but neither could pull through. LA’s Rainbow7 lost a best-of-five versus LGD Gaming at Worlds 2020, and Isurus Gaming lost against Hong Kong Attitude at Worlds 2019. Brazilian RED Canids were also just one game away from overcoming Oceania’s PEACE at last year’s Worlds.

Other regions have at least one win to their name. PCS has won a number of best-of-fives, while Turkey has several wins under its belt, including SuperMassive’s victory against MAD Lions at Worlds 2020. At that tournament, the Turkish side lost in the following series to CIS’ Unicorns of Love. Vietnamese EVOS Esports also won a best-of-five at MSI 2018.

Unfortunately for Brazilian and Latin American fans, their representatives won’t be able to improve that record this year. Their champions, LOUD and Isurus, fell short in the play-in stage of Worlds 2022, and their next shot will be the Mid-Season Invitational next year.

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