ADC supports have embarrassingly low win rates in LoL Patch 13.4 despite popularity in pro play

Solo queue players aren't handling the new meta well.

Despite AD carry supports being immensely popular in competitive League of Legends in season 13, it looks like they aren’t doing so well in solo queue.

Three of the most popular marksmen that have been used in the support roleCaitlyn, Miss Fortune, and Jhinhave recorded incredibly poor win rates so far in Platinum and above ranks in Patch 13.4. They are currently sitting at 40.13, 43.06, and 43.09 percent win rates, respectively, according to a stat site U.GG.

Their win rates are so bad that they hold three of the lowest win rates in solo queue, with only Yuumi below them with a 40.36 percent win.

Numerous League pros have played at least one of these three ADC supports in their respective regions, with T1’s Keria popularizing them in the LCK.

Champions like Caitlyn and Varus excel at bullying the enemy bottom lanes in the laning phase, but unleashing their full potential requires proper communication and synergy, which aren’t easy to achieve in solo queue.

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Riot Games tried to bring back more traditional supports in Patch 13.4 with adjustments to a few key support items like Relic Shield. While traditional supports appear to be making a comeback in solo queue, AD carry supports are still being picked in pro play. It remains to be seen if this was change any time soon.

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