Adaptive Acola wins Let’s Make Moves Miami after surviving Onin shuffles in decider

Grand Finals was a tango of Steves.

Lets Make Moves Miami has been one hell of a tournament, with new talents cementing themselves in the top echelon of Smash Ultimate.

MuteAce was one of the premier Peach players since tournaments started again after the COVID-19 pandemic. After a third-place finish in the prestigious invitational tournament LOdyssée and a disappointing 31st finish in the Ludwig Invitational, MuteAce put up a good fight against the top Steve players of Smash

Mute won their first match against acola, the eventual winner, 3-0. Mute has a reputation in the community as one of the best players against Steve and they proved that again to everybody watching.

Mute eventually fell to the runback against acola, 3-2, in Losers Finals.

This set the stage for the grand finals, with two Steves. Onin came in from the winners side of the tournament which meant acola needs to beat Onin in two sets while Onin only beats acola in one set to claim the trophy.

At first, they both went with their mainsStevebut things went wrong for Onin quickly and he soon shuffled back to his original main, Robin. After losing the first set, Onin used Steve once more, lost with that, and used Shulk. He lost that one too and chose a hail mary Joker to try and stop acola. But it was already too late.

Acolas adaptation shone this tournament. Despite Onin hitting him with several characters, after the first stock of any game, acola just managed to figure out the difference. Eventually, the Smash victor walked away with a 6-0 sweep.

The win keeps acola’s domination alive; they just keep finishing top four.

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