Actual Cocaine Bear: Someone has reached an absurd Dota 2 milestone with Lone Druid

AdmiralBulldog would be proud.

Dota 2 player recently amazed their peers by achieving a remarkable milestone of over 12,000 kills with Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear. The impressive feat, shared on Reddit on March 23, demonstrates the fan’s passion and devotion to Dota 2, alongside their mastery of the cuddly panda hero.

Given how Dota 2meta shifts over time, picking the same hero for years is bound to yield varying results. Though Lone Druid is currently in a decent place, the hero has seen some dark days in previous metas.

It looks like the heros power level and overall stance in the meta has little to say for the Dota 2 player in question, since achieving 12,000 kills with the heros Spirit Bear would require him to score at least 3.5 kills every day for 10 years.

Screengrab via Valve

While such a milestone could also serve as an excuse to move on to something new, the kill count will continue to increase, as the record holder confirmed that the counter gem continued to record kills after 12,000.

Mastering many heroes can seem like the ultimate path to becoming a top-tier Dota 2 player. Unless youre looking to become a professional player, you can still reach the height of ranked gameplay by learning a limited number of heroes better than anyone. Despite looking limiting, this allows players to focus on other aspects of the game, allowing their game sense to grow over time.

Since youll be sure of your own gameplay, youll get the chance to perfect other microelements and potentially break various personal records like the proud owner of Snuffy, the Spirit Bear, with more than 12,000 kills.

Shortly after the initial Reddit thread, another Lone Druid player chimed into the discussion with their own record-breaking Spirit Bear with over 16,000 kills too.

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