Activision stands by CoD Mobile, despite Microsoft’s expectations of an eventual phase out

It's not going down like that.

In the wake of a report that detailed that Microsoft is potentially expecting Call of Duty Mobile to be phased out for Warzone Mobile in the future, Activision has publicly declared its intention to continue long-term support for the current mobile title.

In a statement posted on the official CoD Mobile Twitter account, the company said it’s “committed to Call of Duty: Mobile as an important part of the entire Call of Duty franchise and our overall mobile strategy.” Activision also promised to “continue supporting the game with a robust roadmap of fresh…content, activities, and updates.”

The statement regarding CoD Mobile, a title which has done very well financially for the franchise as one of the top grossing mobile games ever, comes after multiple outlets reported on a statement from Microsoft that indicated the tech giant planning to purchase Activision Blizzard expects the game to be phased out (outside of China) with the launch of Warzone Mobile.

Microsoft’s statement was part of an official reply to the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority’s investigation into the company’s proposed purchase of Activision Blizzard. The CMA’s report suggested that Microsoft may have to divest parts of Activision Blizzard or Call of Duty for the deal to go through, although the deal is already reportedly set to get past European regulators as is.

Warzone Mobile has reportedly been in development for at least a year and was officially revealed this past September. The game reached 15 million pre-registrations before September ended, but no official release date has been given still.

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