Activision says it ‘addressed’ Call of Duty’s ongoing server issues but is working on further fixes

It's tough to grind Ws through this kind of lag.

The fix for Call of Duty’s long-standing server instability issues may have just arrived.

Activision announced today that it’s addressed a specific problem that was causing a “recent uptick in server-related issue reports,” following up on its acknowledgment of the lag that has been plaguing games for players for at least the last several weeks.

“We are aware of a recent uptick in server-related issue reports,” Activision said. “Investigations uncovered a network buffer memory issue that we have since addressed. Our teams are actively engaged in mitigation of further issues. We are committed to continued progress and will update as we are able.”

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Players have been vocal about lag, server instability, and bad desynchronization in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer and Warzone 2 battle royale alike. Server consistency has been spotty since launch but has felt especially bad in the past few months.

The issue got so bad that Activision was forced to acknowledge it, as it did in a tweet on April 20, linking to a card on its Trello board indicating it was aware of the situation and investigating it.

It appears its investigation found the “network buffer memory issue” and the company says it’s fixed it, so the hope is that the vast majority of unplayably-bad server problems will have been mitigated now by whatever fix was deployed.

With the first-ever iteration of Warzone 2’s ranked play mode about to arrive in a new update tomorrow, server stability is on the minds of every player looking to climb the rankings, which would be quite difficult to do with how laggy the servers have been of late.

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Call of Duty’s Season Three Reloaded update brings new content to MW2 and Warzone 2 tomorrow, May 10.

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