Activision is adding some red to the all-black L.A. Thieves Modern Warfare 2 skin

The Roze copy may be no longer.

Activision may be changing the most popular Operator skin in Modern Warfare 2 in the latest update.

Call of Duty released official promotional images for the mid-season update of MW2, which featured a new L.A. Thieves Operator skin. The L.A. Thieves had the most popular Call of Duty League Operator pack after the skin was released with an all-black color scheme with just the red logo on the front. This skin resembled another skin from Warzone known as Roze, which was another blackout skin that was popular among players for being difficult to spot on the map. The Thieves pack even hit the top 15 in sales on Steam, showcasing how many players were dishing out to have a skin that was slightly difficult to see.

Now, the update seems to be adding more red to the L.A. Thieves skin to match the other team packs in the CDL. Previously, the skin had all black but now the straps will have bright red accents and the operator mask will now have a red rim around it as well. This makes the skin stand out more on the map and is now similar to the other black and red skin from the Atlanta FaZe. Some fans were rightfully upset by the changes since the pack was mostly bought for the skin itself, but the fine print from Activision states that the company can update or replace content at any time. This means that the pack may be difficult to get refunded depending on the time that has passed.

Activision may update, replace, or remove this in-game content at any time, Activision said.

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