Aceu calls Seer ‘good for third-partying’ in Apex Legends

It's all about his interrupt.

Prominent Apex Legends streamer Aceu has claimed that Seer is “meta” thanks to his strength with third-partying.

In a clip from his stream, Aceu said that in his opinion, the current meta revolves around third-partying, or initiating an attack on two squads that are already fighting or have recently fought. Seer fits into this meta well thanks to his “wallhack”: Focus of Attention, his tactical ability. Focus of Attention temporarily shows Seer and his teammates where nearby enemies are, displays their health bars, and, most importantly, interrupts healing and resurrection attempts.

“Being able to stop meds and [resurrections] with your Q when you’re third-partying someone is huge,” Aceu said in the clip. He went on to say that Seer’s ultimate ability Exhibit is good for preventing third-parties. Thanks to the widespread vision it grants Seer and his team, it’s easy to see when other teams are trying to swoop in and instigate another fight.

Aceu’s thoughts are a little unorthodox among high-level players. We recently placed Seer in the A tier of our Apex character tier list, but he hasn’t been seeing a lot of use in season 12. He’s currently sitting at a 2.2-percent win rate across all ranks, according to Apex Legends Status. That number holds steady across masters and Predator-level players, so it’s clear that he’s not a common sight in higher-level lobbies. But it’s possible that because of Aceu’s comments, Seer could see a rise in pick rate, particularly if the third-party meta that he mentions continues. It’s unclear if the Apex Games’ ambush artist will return to the level of popularity he once had.

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